Setting your company's scheduling preferences

For the customer to be able to easily schedule an appointment, a Skedify plugin is implemented on your website.
This plugin asks the customer the information needed to correctly schedule an appointment or an appointment request. The information needed from an existing customer differs from a new customer since an existing customer is already known in our database.
You can edit the plugin settings at any time according to your company's preferences.

To edit the plugin settings, go to Configuration > Plugin.
Following elements of the plugin can be edited:




When a customer requests an appointment, he or she has to select some details regarding the appointment. 

In the 'Scheduling' tab, you have the possibility to edit all of these plugin settings. Within this tab there are different plugin settings available:


Timetable settings


Allows you to define the size (in minutes) of the multiplicity of appointment durations.

Minimum estimated duration of appointments

The minimum estimated duration of appointments, regardless of the subject.


Global settings

Redirect URL

Allows you to define the URL that redirects customers directly to the plugin.


Plugin settings

Minimum # of suggestions required

Allows you to choose the minimum amount of suggestions.

Maximum # of suggestions allowed

Allows you to choose the maximum amount of suggestions.

Earliest slot shown

You choose when your customer can make a first suggestion, for instance as soon as possible, next day or later.

Block customer suggestions

You determine which suggestions can be blocked.

How to set your scheduling preferences

  1. Go to Configuration > Plugin > Scheduling
  2. Edit the settings as desired
  3. Save your changes!



Customer info

When appointment requests from customers come in, you need some personal details to properly manage all your customers.
Some of this information is mandatory for every appointment, but it always comes in a handy to know more about your customer!
Therefore you can choose which information is asked from the customer.

In the 'Customer info' tab, there are different settings available:

First time customers

You determine which information is mandatory.

Returning customers

You determine which information is mandatory.

How to set your customer info:

  1. Go to Configuration > Plugin > Customer info
  2. Edit the settings as desired
  3. Save your changes!
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