Setting the timeframes for notifications & reminders

Keep your customer updated about every action concerning their appointment. Automatically send a notification by e-mail or text message when there are changes to the appointment. You can also remind your customer about his or her appointment with your company and avoid no-shows!

If you want to delay sending out those notifications so your customer doesn't receive e-mails or text messages during unfortunate hours (for example, in the middle of the night), you can determine during which hours you send out mails and text messages.

You can set the timeframe separately for e-mail and text messages.

How to set the timeframe for notifications and reminders:

  1. Go to Configuration > Customer notifications > General Settings
  2. Click to drag and drop according to the length of your timeframe.
  3. Save your changes!

 Multiple timeframes can be set (e.g. from 9AM to 11AM and from 1PM until 5PM).


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