Sending reminders to your customer

Remind your customer concerning his or her appointment with your company. Automatically send out reminder e-mails and text messages and avoid no-shows!

In this reminder the following details are included for the customer to see:

  • Date and time of the appointment
  • The address and location on a map
  • The contactperson
  • The possibility to add the appointment to a personal calendar (Google, Yahoo, iCal and Outlook) 


Adding a reminder

In the Reminder section of Skedify, it is possible to edit your reminders at all times.
From this overview, a list of reminders is presented together with their scheduled time before the appointment.

How to add a reminder:

  1. Go to Configuration > Customer notifications > Reminders
  2. Click either on 'Add sms reminder' or 'Add e-mail reminder'
  3. A new reminder is inserted at the bottom of the list
  4. Next to the new reminder, fill in when the reminder should be sent out
  5. Save your changes!

The reminders will now be sent out automatically to your customer!


Sending out reminders only during certain hours

If you want to delay sending out reminders so your customer doesn't receive e-mails or text messages during unfortunate hours (for example, in the middle of the night), you can determine during which hours you send out e-mails and text messages.

Click here to see how to set your timeframes

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