How are customer profiles being created?

You don't want to lose track of your customers after you've done business with them. Therefore we store each customer in our database and provide a list of your customers and their details. At every moment you can require or adjust this list.

Go to Company > Customers. Clicking on a customer, gives you the details of this customer:

  • First name and last name
  • email address
  • Phone number
  • Language
  • Timezone
  • External ID
  • Preferences: preferred office and preferred contact
  • Your company's notes concerning the customer
  • The customer's timeline with your company






New customer profiles created by customers

When customers request an appointment, they have to fill in some details to properly process the appointment in the application. After filling in some personal details, a customer profile is created in the application.

When adding a new customer profile, we have set up a standard form with some mandatory questions. You can always ask additional information.

  1. Go to Configuration > Plugin > Customer info
  2. You can choose whether the labels are mandatory or not and whether they are visible or not to your customer by turning on the green switch.
  3. Save your changes!



Adding new customer profiles by yourself

You can add a new customer profile by yourself.

  1. Go to Company > Customers to bring up your customer overview
  2. Click the '+' sign at the left and 'Add a customer'
  3. Fill in the customer's personal details
  4. Click 'Save' to add the customer



Mapping the customer journey

To keep track of the historical data of your customer, you can check his timeline. This timeline shows you previous as well as upcoming appointments with the customer.

  1. Go to Company > Customers
  2. Select the desired customer
  3. On the right you can see your customer's timeline
  4. You can click on the 'view' button next to every appointment to see more details concerning the appointment.

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