Building customer contact forms for scheduling

When a (potential) customer schedules an appointment online, you want to obtain some basic information like name and e-mail address.

For each type of information asked from the customer you have the option to choose if it is either optional or required to fill in.

What contact information fields can I ask the customer?

When appointment requests from customers come in, you need some personal details to properly manage your customers.
Some of this information is basic for every appointment, other information is optional. The more you know about your customer, the better you can prepare your appointment.

Note: email and full name are always mandatory for the correct processing of the customer!

  1. Go to Configuration > Plugin > Customer Info
  2. 2 boxes are presented: a first time (new) customers box and a returning (existing) customers box.
  3. You see a list of possible fields that can be asked from the customer. On the right you can activate or deactivate the question and make it required or not by turning on the green switch.
  4. Activate the desired information questions
  5. save your changes.


Making contact information fields mandatory or optional.

How to:

  1. Go to Navigation > Customization > Customer Info
  2. Click on show inactive fields
  3. Activate the 'Ask' switch for the desired information variables
  4. Activate the 'Required' switch you want the field to be mandatory

Click the white checkmark to save your changes and you're set!

Can I differentiate between new and returning customers?

You might want to ask less, more or different information from a returning/existing customer as opposed to a first time customer or prospect.
That's why we made it possible for you to differentiate between what contact information you ask first time customers/prospects versus returning customers

Are there any validation rules on customer contact fields?

To make sure the customers fill in their details the correct way, there are validation rules for some customer contact fields.
Both email and phone number have to be entered in the corresponding format

Can I create my own types of customer information fields?

For every appointment made through the plugin about a certain subject, specific questions can be asked to the customer. These questions serve to get a better grasp of the customer's needs before the appointment takes place and therefore optimize the personalization and preparation process of the appointment.

This gives you the possibility to analyse the answers of your questions for a subject to build business intelligence around your services and products.
You can completely customize the questions asked during the appointment process with the dynamic formbuilder.
For more information on building customer contact forms click here

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